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Pure Castor Oil


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100% Pure Organic Castor Oil (India)
Castor oil is a natural moisturizer that also promotes wound healing and has impressive anti-inflammatory effects.
It is widely used in many natural hair and skin care products.
Castor oil is also works great for dry scalp and damaged hair and promotes healthy hair growth. This natural moisturizer is excellent for dry skin or any other skin type.
No alcohol,
No added fragrance,
No Harmful Chemicals.
Suggested Use:
Apply castor oil on your scalp and massage well to stimulate the roots. Wait 30 minutes before washing off the oil with shampoo.
If the oil is too thick for your liking then mix it with a lighter oil like our Jojoba or Olive oil.
Apply 3 times per week
Excellent for Hair, Skin and DIY Projects.
Net WT. 4 oz

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