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Turmeric Oil- Use & Benefits

Hair products Turmeric oil

Turmeric (Also Known as Curcuma Longa) is used for centuries in the east as a spice in cooking and beauty enhancement as well as in traditional medicine. Now making a wave in the USA for a good reason.

Mainstream traditional herbal medicine uses Turmeric to alleviate muscle ache, pain, and sprain, for anti-inflammation, great for skin health. Skin tone, skin elasticity, and moisturize skin and hair to alleviate itching. Digestive health, anti-bacterial, cosmetic, mood-enhancing, support strengthens the immune system.

We use the Turmeric oil ourselves by adding the ratio of 1 to 5% to carrier oils like Jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, or extra virgin olive oil for massage oil, hair oil, and body oil.

Our Mystic Essence brand of Turmeric oils comes from a reliable source whom we trust, and is one of the best in quality.

  • We use Turmeric oil to make our Turmeric soap and in Hair food
  • Mystic Essence has the carrier oils of Fractionated coconut oil, Extra Virgin Olive oil, Sweet Almond oil, Golden Jojoba Oil, and more
**Note: consult your healthcare specialist to make sure ‘Turmeric oil’ is okay to use for your intended purpose.

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