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High Purity Natural Products


It was humble beginning in April of 1986 in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn, NY when Mystic Essence started selling the highest quality of alcohol free perfume body oils and Pure Essential oils. In 1987 we launched our first natural and handmade Nature's Blessings product, the Hair Pomade.

30 years later, we still make it by hand and it is still our best selling item. Over the years we added other all natural, organic and handmade hair & body care products to the Nature's Blessings line.  We never use any harmful chemicals or animal by products in any of our hair and skin care products.  We only use the highest quality natural, organic or food grade ingredients in all our products.

Today we have thousands of satisfied loyal customers all over the United States, Europe, South America, The Caribbean Islands, The Virgin Islands and Africa.
We want to thank all our loyal customers and well wishers for their love & support over the years.
So thank you all and we promise to continue making the highest quality of hair and body care products for many more years to come. We also promise never to compromise the quality of our products for anything.


ABSOLUTELY LOVE the hair pomade with alfalfa and sage. 4 years ago after heat damaging my hair I used the pomade to help me grow out the heat damaged hair whilst still retaining length and manageability between the 2 textures. 2021 COVID cause salons to close for a year and I heat damaged my hair again. Using the pomade is a god send, hair is soft, silky and shiny. My scalp is healthy again without heavy build up so my hair isn’t weighed down. I bought 3 so I’m fully stocked for the year. A little goes a long way.

Hello I take medication for low blood pressure and my hair is dry and break off. I want to know what best shampoo can I use. Yes I try nature’s blessing on my hair day and night, I loving

Has anyone had any experience using this product to wake up the hair follicles?

I am so happy I found your website. My Mother gave me her last half of jar of Nature’s Blessings Hair Pomade about a month ago. And I have used it sparingly because it was not a lot left and my Mother said someone had gifted it to her.

I took a chance and googled your company and I was delighted to see your webpage. I plan on surprising my Mother and I am sure she will be pleased.

Continued blessings into you and yours.


P.S. I received my order today (April 5, 2018) and it is right on time. I have an outing planned with my Mother tomorrow. She will be pleasantly surprised!

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